April 21, 2016

Welcome to Roi Mas

Welcome and thank you for visiting my new website and blog. I am a fitness enthusiast who has a passion to be the best I can be. My aim with this website is to inspire every person who reads it to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. One of my mediums to achieve this goal is the promotion of exercise.


Most people who don’t exercise would possibly mention that it is boring, monotonous and exhausting. I would like to change their point of view by showing them different forms of training, be it yoga, ballet, Pilates, boxing, HIIT and so the list goes on. There are many small gyms in and around Cape Town which offer great services by providing fun, exciting and functional forms of exercise that are tailormade to their clients’ enjoyment.


My mission is to visit most of these gyms and to do a write-up about my experience at each visit, so that you (the audience) have an idea of what each gym is like and are encouraged to go and experience the ones that appeal to you for yourself.


I also have a YouTube channel, where you can view my fitness videos, and there will be inspirational posts on my Facebook page for you to peruse on a regular basis.


Hope you enjoy the new site and please feel free to comment on my posts.



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