YOGA is a practice or discipline with mental, spiritual and physical components. It involves breath control, simple meditation and the adoption of specific bodily postures.
It originated many hundreds of years ago in India and, today, is more than just a fitness form. It is, in fact, widely practised for it’s health and relaxation benefits, which medical practitioners and scientists will attest to.
CHOOSE A TYPE that most appeals to you: from bikram to hatha, tantra, vinyasa, iyengar, kundalini or ashtanga. To read up more about what is involved in each, go to:

Yoga lets you sleep more deeply and walk taller. Aside from the physical benefits, there are emotional ones like improved self-awareness, heightened well-being and enhanced relationships. While you may like to join a studio that offers the type of class you most enjoy, once you know the basic poses, you’re free to practice them anywhere… from the beach, to the lounge, beach or park.

Cost per class: From R100 at most studios in and around Cape Town; discounts apply to package deals.

On location: Swedish fitness freak Olivia Jannesson and I modelled a number of healing, posture enhancing, strength-defying poses on Sandy Bay recently, captured by the beady lens of Kirra ( The two of us continued to reap the benefits for the remainder of the week, and inspired Kirra no end! When she added a folder ‘Sneak Peak’ with some visuals of the shoot to her Facebook profile, she accompanied them with this write-up: ‘An idea of what I worked with yesterday. Wow. There was so much power, ambition, determination, fearlessness and absolute madness on this shoot. We spent over two hours in the blazing heat and I think I was more exhausted at the end of it than they were. So inspiring.’ Thanks Kirra! 😉 More info: For those wanting to find their ‘ohm’ right away, go to Photography by Kirra (10 of 19) Red Photography by Kirra (14 of 19) Red Photography by Kirra (15 of 19) Red Photography by Kirra (18 of 19) Red Photography by Kirra (1 of 1)-4 (2) Red Photography by Kirra (5 of 15)

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