This week I have returned to the training field after a week off with some well-deserved rest. Because I love HIIT training so much it seemed fitting to visit The HIIT Club in Green Point at the Hamilton’s Rugby Club, founded by Bjorn and Morgan in 2015. Bjorn, a personal trainer who has gained his experience from extensive travelling, has picked up the love for HIIT training from around the world and has partnered with Morgan to promote his love for HIIT to his members. Morgan, the co-founder of The HIIT Club, is a former Stormers and Western Province rugby centre/winger, who has seen the benefits of the HIIT method and has decided to open this incredible gym.

After researching this gym, I have come across their very informative website, which leaves very few questions unanswered.

They offer a host of different classes at times convenient for most people. The classes on offer are:

  • Open group training, where you are exposed to fun and functional exercises within a group environment. These sessions provide scheduled training and times are conveniently placed on their informative website.
  • If, for any reason you are unable to make their scheduled group training sessions, you are more than welcome to contact them and schedule your very own private group session for yourself and your mates; the more mates the cheaper the session.
  • And like all gyms, they do offer one on one sessions as well as coupled training with your personal trainer of choice. Convenience is key!

As mentioned before, this class was my return to exercise after a week of rest. I found myself at The HIIT Club in a group session with none other than the aspiring Thaabied, who is one of their refreshingly fun trainers. It was a bit of a chilly day with overcast conditions but with the gym’s great location at the Hamilton’s rugby club grounds, we were able to make full use of the First XV rugby field. An outdoor HIIT session, which I thought would be a walk in the park (due to my previous fitness level), was most certainly a fun-filled challenging event. A host of exercises from burpees, lunges, overhead reverse ball throws… Ooh, the list goes on. But let us not be afraid, as the class was accompanied by six trainees of different shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Trainer Thaabied certainly has a way of encouraging his trainees to do their best and the best was expressed by all.

We ended off with a lovely abdominal workout and then a revitalising stretch to loosen up the stiff muscles. Thaabied’s post-class discussion expressed his passion for fitness, as he made mention of new ideas of classes that he would like to start up at The HIIT Club. This all goes to show, the HIIT Club is here to stay!

Visit their site at for you next session. Watch this space for my next post about 360 Specialised Training.

Stay Strong!

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