So it has been a while since this site has been active. With a crazy busy schedule I too have taken a short filled break from the fitness and activity scene, but I still took somewhat care of my body.

What has kept me busy you may ask? Let’s start with my role at False Bay Rugby Club. This has been one exciting year. From going unbeaten champions in the Super League A to making it to the finals of the Gold Cup with the most travelled team in South Africa. Hosting only 2 home games and travelling to the Gauteng province twice and once outside the borders to Harare. This has been an incredible year for the club and I most certainly had one awesome time managing the guys.

Then there was my first trip to Las Vegas to witness the Mr. Olympia 2016 show. I have to thank USN for this trip as I had won an all expenses paid holiday through them. I have been put up in the MGM Grand hotel for a few nights and been given the opportunity to travel to the Grand Canyon for the day. No words or pictures could describe this monumental experience. Such vast natural views with clean air to clear out your lungs. I was privileged enough to go into the expo and go to the live show of the Mr. Olympia where Mr. Phil Heath once again took the podium in a nail biting final pose.

Then back onto South African soil, after picking up some extra weight I have intermittently been back into gym with a slightly disruptive schedule due to jet lag and extra rugby commitments. But now one month before the festive season kicks off, its time to get back into summer shape!

Watch my videos on my Facebook page for fitness advise, do’s and don’ts as well as general HIIT training routines which you can do anywhere, anytime.

Lets get this summer going!

Check out the video that won me the Vegas trip…

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