Was it really a good idea?

Well, let us break down all the variables involved. I would think that I have a good fitness baseline, but I haven’t been training at a high intensity for the past 3 months. Weight training has been my main focus in the time out and even then I wasn’t training as hard as what I should be.

So coming back to switch, was it really a good idea after 3 months of what I would subjectively call inactivity?

For those of you that don’t know what switch is; Switch is a 1 hour, full body, high intensity interval training class. It incorporates your mind body and soul with a power flow yoga warm up and then into 30 second exercise intervals for 2 minutes per station. You are put through an average of 22 different stations per class. There is one class instructor leading the class but if you are struggling with a specific exercise, you will be facilitated by a well-qualified personal trainer to get you into the correct form. The hype comes from having a live DJ in each class blaring the latest motivation tracks and disco lights to cheer each one up.

The environment of the class makes you want to push that extra bit at every station. The trainers, although having to wake up extremely early to be at the first class of the day, are always lively and energetic which translates into every individual in the class.

Coming back to my question, Switch? After 3 months of inactivity, coming back into a high intensity environment where I would force myself to the limit. The simple answer is – YES!

All the exercises, in my mind, are safe to do for different fitness levels. Every station has variable intensity levels to put you at your limit and sometime exceed it. The allocated 2 minutes per station is said to be an optimal amount of time to execute the desired goal and lower the risk of injury through fatigue. Although I had lost count of the amount of French words coming out of mouth, at the end of the class I had felt a sense of accomplishment.

My first session back after 3 months and I was still able to complete a full body workout and take on the day with pride!

Try it for yourself, it’s a real good idea!

Check out their promotional video below:

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