I am a 32 year old female who relocated to the Western Cape in October 2015. I was involved in a serious life changing accident shortly after arriving on Christmas eve that same year.

Whilst changing my flat tyre ont he side of the road, I got hit by a passing vehicle. i ended up in ICU and was told i was lucky to be alive. After numerous operations, the doctors were able to salvage my leg but it was not functional.

On 25 July 2016 I had made the decision to amputate my leg to improve my quality of life. On 7 Ocotber 2016 I was fitted with my first prosthetic leg and was able to take it home with me that day, it was such a humbling and rewarding experience.

Lee-Roy Thomas was my Physiotherapist since February 2016.

Lee-Roy was there since i took my very first steps. I have the utmost respect for him, he is so patient, so inspirational and has an absolute passion for his patients and life itself. He definitely made the right career choice.

In January 2017, Lee-Roy went from being my rehabilitation to a more functional level. My goals were to be generally stronger, lose weight and get me as close to my previous function as possible. One of my goals was to be able to dance again, with my prosthetic leg. He knows how to push and motivate a person at the same time. His famous phrase I will never forget, “We don’t stop when we’re tired, we stop when we’re done!”

One of the highlights i will never forget is the day he took me to Switch Playground where he trains. It was super tough but loads of fun!

This has been a tough journey, but I do consider myself blessed, as I only lost a leg. I’ve met lots of wonderful people along the way. This experience has taught me to embrace every moment and every step I have, and will take in my life. It can change in an instant. You are your only limit. I don’t think people like Lee-Roy realise the impact they have on patients’ lives/journey. I cannot describe Lee-Roy as just a Physiotherapist, he is truly the best and so much more!!! As the Afrikaans people say, “Mense soos hy is dun gesaai!”

THANK YOU Lee-Roy, I will forever be greatful!

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