Its been a while since I have posted about any sort of gym, beware, there will be loads of posts coming!
Ok so lets get started. Since moving to Qatar in late August 2017, I have visited quite a few gyms in and around Doha and enjoyed most of them. I do have a fond attraction to HIIT based training so I will always lean towards gyms that do offer this type of training. Don’t get me wrong though, i love my resistance training too, I mean lets be honest thats where all the gains happens.
Time to discuss one of the newest additions to the Doha fitness community, Personilised High Intensity Interval Training – PHIIT Training Studio located in Mirqab Mall. I have completed three of their classes so far and will be back for many more. What makes it different to any other HIIT gym you may ask?
Lets start with the owners vision. The owner, Saeed and his brother, both ex Pro Basketball players whom have played abroad and now returned to Doha with a vision of fitness for all. They have employed, to date, only professional or ex professional athletes as their trainers. This makes it special in a way that youre getting experienced assistance in both a professional and knowledgable manner. The actual gym is very new with all new equipment. What I love most about it, is their soft rubber flooring. It really takes pressure off your joints especially when doing explosive exercises. The environment is very spacious with loads of functional equipment for all exercise needs. If you’re not into taking classes, they do offer personalised training outside of class hours, which is where the real magic happens!
Enough about the gym itself, lets talk about my personal experience at the classes. As ive said before, Ive been to three of their classes before all of which I have enjoyed. No exercise was repeated in a follow up class so it keeps the training interesting. The first class I honestly didn’t push myself hard enough because I was fearful of burning out too soon but I didnt have that option in the follow up class. Because of PHIITs personalised nature, the trainer was able to pick up on my capabilities and adjusted each exercise with either a heavier weight, or different functional pattern to give me that extra edge and make sure I got my moneys worth. What makes this gym different to most of the other HIIT gyms I have been to, is the fact that I could use their fixed workout stations to faff around after the class, which is available  to all members. I will be back for more sessions at this gym, well I may even host a few of my own classes here sometime, watch this space.
This gym is definitely one to try out.
+974 6690 8084
Do what you love and you’ll love what you do!
Roi Mas

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