This is the first of many workouts to follow

Why AbStain?

Many peopleare seeking those perfectly sculpted abs with precision cut lines but are not entirely sure of how to get them? Well the name says it all, to reach that goal, you’d unfortunatley have to abstain from lots of the good things in life as most of us know, abs are made in the kitchen. The workouts is just a supplement to enhance the presence of the abdominal muscles and give it more volume. Abdominal fat loss through a well maintained eating plan would be the best way to reach this goal. I would personally suggest seeing a dietitian or sports nutritionalist to assist you on the right track, you’d want to be in a calorie deficit.


Onto AbStain 1

10x hand to knee

10x hand to ankle (hips and knees at 90 degrees)

10x hand to foot (straight legs)

20x controlled bicycle

10 second rest





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