Top Power Gym, lets discuss…

Upon arriving in Qatar, it was my mission to find an appropriate gym to attend. In my first week, I have approached a number of different gyms in my close vacinity. Some of them very small, congested, pricey or just too far from me. One of the gyms was Top Power. It was the one that I wanted to join as I found it rather quiet, clean and it had NEW Precor equipment. The only thing holding me back from joining immediately, was the joining fee at the time.

Now, what I’ve come to realise in Qatar is, Health and Fitness clubs are generally quite pricey if compared to what one would pay back in South Africa which is where I am from. When I eventually took the plunge to join this gym, I literally felt at home. The amount of joy and comfort I felt here had compensated for the costs involved to be there. Mind you, this gym is not the most expensive if compared to the more multi-branched gyms here as well as the specialised boutique health clubs.

Lets hilghlight some of the aspects I love about Top Power.

  • It’s generally not crowded
  • All the equipment is new and still in great condition
  • Everything is clean, if its not clean, you’re guaranteed to find house keeping coming to clean it soon
  • All the weights is in its spot at all times
  • Shower, Sauna, Steam room is available
  • Digital lockers are available (no need for padlocks)
  • Free parking in the basement
  • Personal trainers are available

I have had the privilage of training with one of their Body Builders / Personal Trainers from Sri Lanka. Sumadu has been in the Health and Fitness industry for a number of years. He has competed in International bodybuilding events and is now preparing for the Arnold Classics which will be held in Spain in September 2018. In this one training session with him, I have learnt so many things from him with regards to diet, most effective training times, lifting techniques and resting. He really knows what he’s talking about and can definitely be an asset in your fitness journey.

Here is a sneak peak of what a personalised training session with him would look like.


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