Tonight I took up a new challenge, it was sickening!

Let’s talk CrossFit, a concept that I’ve never taken to lightly. As a physiotherapist, I look at CrossFit and all I see is an injury waiting to happen. Highly loaded exercises, insane repetitions, repetitive overhead activities, different body positions, wow, that looks like a recipe for disaster.

Now I’ve taken a step back and thought to myself, all sports comes with its own types of injuries no matter what code it is. CrossFit will definitely come with its own injuries if movements are not done in their correct pattern, and if the load is too high at the time of fatigue, same recipe for every single sport out there. So what makes CrossFit any different to any sporting code out there? In my current opinion, nothing.

Before anyone starts CrossFit at a box, they would have to go through a beginners training course where each movement pattern in taught and perfected before going onto the next one. This is highly crucial in CrossFit as without this course, you are bound to have an injury sooner than later.

Tonight was the first time that I’ve tried out the CrossFit Open workout, 19.1

  • 19 ball to wall (9kg in weight)
  • 19 cal row
  • As many times as possible within 15 minutes

Seems easy enough for an active person? It was absolutely horrid! I hated every second of it, I felt like I was ready to puke. This is not for the faint hearted but, after this workout I feel like I’m ready for the next one.

Thanks Elliot for pushing me to the end! Looking forward to 19.2

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