Another successful season at the DRFC has come and gone, seeing the Tribe team bringing the Cup home once again.

With the ongoing blockade happening in the Gulf region, it has become a major task in keeping the game of Rugby alive in Qatar. This has kept the DRFC head office at task in arranging teams to play against during the off season. This was a great success, as they have managed to arrange two home games against two strong Sri Lankan teams.

The first of these two games was a massive eye opener for the Doha Warriors as they have gone down to the Sri Lankan CH+FC with a score of 15-17. This was a tough game with lots of lessons to be learnt in preparation for the next game. Frustration, ball handling and communication were the main points that may have let the team down in this opening game. The Sri Lankan team may have had an upper hand in this match as they have finished their season with a well-oiled team compared to the Warriors which show cased their first match with lots of newer players.

Two weeks later, the Doha Warriors were much better prepared with a bolstered team and basics perfected. This was vitally evident on the field as they came home with a 46-14 victory against another strong Sri Lankan Navy team. Much better communication and fluidity in the team brought home the victory for the Warriors.

The Championship saw only five teams entered with three of them coming from the DRFC. This posed a major challenge for rival clubs to gain numbers which saw two clubs joining together to form the Al Khor/Blue Phoenix, the other teams being; Doha Warriors, Doha Chiefs, Doha Vets and the Camels. The results are in favour of the Warriors team, but all teams who have participated showed true guts, glory and sportsmanship on and off the field.

Match results below:

18-01-2019 Warriors 68 0 Al Khor/Blue Phoenix
25-01-2019 Warriors 66 10 Chiefs
15-02-2019 Warriors 45 5 Camels
21-02-2019 Warriors 76 0 Vets

The above results does exclude a few matches by the Chiefs team.

As the results depict, the 2018/2019 season has been a fruitful and successful one. This would not have been possible without the head office working tirelessly to allow the players to practice their love for the game. The coaching and managerial team has been working had to keep a continuously evolving team together to reach their main goal of hosting a Doha Warriors vs Doha Chiefs final, which was a fantastic display of the game of Rugby.

With another year gone, we look forward to the 2019/2020 season which will be a cracker! For any more information about the Doha Rugby Football Centre or how to become a member/player, please visit their website here:

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