I have recently joined up with a group in Cape Town, called the Ghost Squad. This is a group that motivates its team member to lead an active and healthier lifestyle, right down my ally…

This group forms part of a bigger group called O-Fitness which has the same agenda in mind. These groups are made up of mostly runners of all fitness levels.

I’ve been introduced to this group by a great friend of mine, just to be an extra member in the team challenges. I have definitely enjoyed the challenges being posed so far, the running part was the toughest for me, but fun nonetheless.

The greater group in the O-Fitness community are a great mix of people with varied amount of running experiences. With that in mind, I’ve been asked to lead a stretching and foam rolling session with anyone that would be keen to join. This session was held via Zoom. It was my first time ever doing an online live stretch session, I think it went pretty well. Definitely interested in doing some more of these sessions soon.

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