Anthony Carr

Anthony Carr is a paramedic, and devoted to saving the lives of others. This high-paced, high-stress job certainly comes with its risks, and in 2015 he was involved in an awful car accident while en route to an emergency. He sustained an above-knee amputation on his right leg, among other injuries.

But Anthony has not let this obstacle stand in his way, working extremely hard with physiotherapist Lee-Roy Thomas, following the accident, to get his life back on track. By attending weekly training sessions, he is now able to do many advanced strength moves at gym, such as pull ups, push ups, balancing exercises, planks and even squats. See Anthony’s incredible core strength here >>
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In February 2016, exactly one year after the accident, Anthony completed a 5km walk with his Sleekgeek team (, a huge feat for anyone on crutches. This brave young man is proof that a person is not their disability, and reminds us that those who are differently-abled can set out to achieve that much more than their able-bodied counterparts.

Anthony hopes to be ‘back on his feet’ very soon with his new prosthetic, continuing to save lives in his capacity as a paramedic and to act as a role model for his community.