Helga Barkhuizen

Helga Barkhuizen is a South African filmmaker: Producer, Director and Offical Team USN Athlete who grew up in the Western Cape. She was crowned Miss South Africa during the Miss International pageant in 2012, has founded her own group of companies, and promotes humanitarian and conservation causes.

In late 2013, Helga suffered a severe car accident in which she lost her left leg and seriously injured her right. Although this experience changed her life in many ways, Helga has remained exceptionally positive and has not let her injuries hold her back from achieving her goals.

After just 11 months, Helga was walking with her third prosthetic, proving a true inspiration to family, friends and fans alike. Now, just a few years on, Helga has overcome what happened in order to lead a normal and highly successful life once again.

Helga was physiotherapist Lee-Roy Thomas’s very first amputee patient, and her enthusiasm and willingness to work hard in order to ‘get back on her feet’ impressed him so much that he decided to devote include regular work with such patients in his weekly schedule. Seeing how much can be done for amputees – that they can lead normal, full and active lives after an amputation – has given Lee the drive and energy to help many other people, just like Helga, to get their lives back on track after an unfortunate and life-changing event.

Today rehabilitating amputees is one of Lee’s greatest passion. Click play below to see Lee and Helga in conversation.