Jabulani Mutukwa

Jabulani Mukutwa is a 22-year-old from Cape Town, who lost his right leg in a car accident in late 2014. His leg had to be amputated above the knee three days after the accident, which doctors had prepared him for during those first few days.

Amazingly, Jabulani was walking again, with the use of a prosthetic limb, just a three months after the accident, with the help of Lee-Roy Thomas and the vibrant team from Physiopaedic at Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital. He comments in an interview with Pippa Hudson, on Cape Talk FM, that he was initially distraught when the doctors prepared him for what lay ahead.

However, he only felt this sense of despair for a couple of hours until his family arrived at the hospital – then he was overcome with new enthusiasm and saw that with their support, and that of the healthcare team including prosthetists Jayson Chin & Associates, his life was far from over. At the time when they delivered the news, his biggest fear was, ‘How will I walk again?’

Physio Lee began working with Jabulani from the start of the rehabilitation process, in which Jabulani had to complete an hour of specialized training four days a week. The exercises involved balance, upper body work and core strengthening, and were particularly tough – especially stunts like balancing on one leg while Physio Lee threw a ball to him to catch.

‘Lee-Roy put me through some incredibly challenging moves. But, at every session, he told me that one day I would walk again – and that’s what drove me to get fit again.’

Listen in to Physio Lee and Jabulani, who has resumed his studies at Varsity College and is now 90 percent back to full function (running is the last thing he’s working towards) by clicking here. >